Intellectual Property & E-Commerce Law

The Bahamas, because of its geographical position and international recognition as a financial centre and a tourist destination of choice by many from all walks of life as well as the country's reliance on imported goods it has become important to protect intellectual property rights in The Bahamas. These include Patents, Copyrights and Trade Marks.

The rapid growth of e-commerce and the internet globally, which now presents a greater need for good and solid legal advice to be given by legal practitioners who have kept pace with the developments in technology and have become familiar with the related laws which regulates this very interesting area of commerce.

This area of law includes the following:
  • Trademarks, Copyrights & Patents Registration
  • Applications pursuant to the Berne Convention
  • Searches & Investigations
  • E-Commerce & Intellectual Property Agreements
  • Telecommunications Law
  • Data Protection
  • Identity Theft & Misuse of Computers Matters
We believe that change is good for growth but we also believe that with change there is also the burden of responsibility.

This area of our practice comes under the direct leadership of Ms. Veronique Evans.

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