Personal Injury

Personal injury is a tort whereby a party alleges that another party has caused injury to them as a consequence of their negligent action. The loss sustained as a consequence of a personal injury may be pecuniary (e.g. loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses) or non-pecuniary (e.g. pain and suffering).

There are many risks associated with life. Because of this no person is exempted from falling prey to some harm or loss during his lifetime. What is comforting however is to have the assurance that in the midst of life's eventualities you, or your loved ones are protected in law against the intentional harm or negligent breach of another which has resulted in your loss.

A claim in personal injury is one of the ways in which an offended party can bring an action where another party is responsible for his injury. Such a party may successfully seek compensation for injury suffered provided he can prove that the party responsible for the injury failed to exercise reasonable care in the circumstances.

This practice area is broad and includes:
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Paralysis
  • Burn injury
  • Fatal Accidents or Wrongful death
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents (such as, car, motor cycle, pedestrian)
  • Mass Transit Accidents (such as, aviation, bus)
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Product Liability (such as defective medical drugs)
  • Premises Liability (such injury by a fall)
  • Workplace injuries
Depending on the circumstance, some personal injury matters can be complex. Therefore, it is crucial for clients to give consideration to obtaining sound advice from expert legal professionals. Our lawyers have not only offered clients sound legal advice as to the likely success of their claim if pursued, but have assisted them in obtaining favourable settlement in negotiation and if necessary through litigation.

At Evans & Co. this area of our practice comes under the direct leadership of Ms. Veronique Evans with the able assistance of Mr. Gladstone Brown, Jr.


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